Using Orrington Farms® Products With A Pressure Cooker

Prepare a Saturday night feast in no time with your trusty pressure cooker and your favorite Orrington Farms® soups and concentrated basess!

Since the pressure cooker employs wet heat for cooking, the food always comes out less savory than expected. However, there is a fix!

Depending on the dish you make in your instant pot, add a handful of essential organic seasonings from Orrington Farms to ensure the flavor remains intact.

Here’s how you can enhance every pressure cooked meal with just a few steps:

How To Make Meals Better Using Orrington Farms® Seasonings With A Pressure Cooker

  • Always use thin liquids so that your pressure cooker/instant pot can produce steam; this includes broth or water. If you want more flavor, you should choose a flavorful broth – whether beef, vegetable, or chicken – instead of water. To ensure a delicious flavor, use Orrington Farms® concentrated bases and seasonings.
  • Though you can also use thick sauces in meals, it’s crucial to keep the thin-liquid at the bottom. Then, pour some sauce seasonings on top and refrain from stirring it right away. Sauces are not thin enough to make steam, and if you’re using barbecue sauce or tomato sauce, they may burn at the bottom.
  • As you know, the pressure cooker employs wet heat via thin-liquid for cooking food. Therefore, most of the seasonings you pour in may wash off when the thin liquid is added. You can overcome this issue by over seasoning the food to keep the original flavor intact. Consider using Orrington Farms® seasonings which contain more flavor and therefore require that you use less overall.
  • How much all-natural seasoning do you usually add to your meal when cooking? Whatever your answer, double it. When using an instant pot or a pressure cooker, you are free to use as much seasoning as you like without ruining the dish, except with salt or spicy seasonings.
  • If you’re cooking meat or poultry, you should use the “saute” feature. Use it to brown meat before adding it to the pressure cooker. The term used for the browning effect on meat is Maillard Reaction; this helps extract additional flavor from the meat and makes for savory dishes.
  • Some food is prepped best with the PIP (Pot-In-Pot) method. It involves using tiny pans or bowls – stainless steel or oven-safe are recommended – on top of a metal trivet/rack inside the pressure cooker. This method can be used to make rice, chicken, or even potatoes and meatloaf simultaneously. This can be achieved only if all ingredients have the exact cooking durations. You can also use it to make desserts, cheesecakes, and any other food that doesn’t involve liquid.
  • If you would like more ideas and suggestions, refer to the Orrington Farms® Here you will find exciting recipes with detailed instructions.


There you go! With these handy tips and Orrington Farms® broth and seasonings, you’re on your way to cooking great, flavorful meals in the pressure cooker.

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