How To Jazz Up Your Pot Roast

Nothing is more satisfying on a chilly night than a tender, warm pot roast. However, the traditional dish of slow-cooked vegetables and beef can sometimes use a little makeover.

If you’re ready to add a little variety to your simple pot roast, here are a few handy tips to upgrade your recipe and tantalize your taste buds.

Read on to turn your pot roast into something you would be proud to serve at dinner parties!

5 Killer Ways To Jazz Up Your Pot Roast

Want to learn how to upgrade your pot roast from “meh” to “wow?”

1. Slow Cook At Low Temperature

Cooking time is essential to produce a truly scrumptious pot roast. When you cook the meat slowly at a low temperature for five to eight hours, the chuck roast’s connective tissues soften, creating tenderness in the meat. This makes it easier to break it apart simply with a fork.


The tenderness of the meat, along with the complete incorporation of flavor due to an extended cooking time, makes for a delectable pot roast!

2. Add Some Extra Onions

Never hold back from adding extra onions to your pot roast. Onions help turn the broth into a smokey jam as they caramelize, flavoring the tender beef.

Though you can use white onions, sweet onions, or red onions, we recommend using yellow ones because of their unique flavor profile.

Yellow onions are a widely used onion type in the US and is great with meat dishes such as pot roast, roasted chicken, lamb rack, stew, and more.

The yellow onion adds a mildly sharp, spicy hint along with a splash of sweetness.

For best results, try mixing a variety of onions and reduce it till the spicy taste fades, and you are left with a light, sweet brown onion.

3. Try Brisket Roast Cut

You’ll find many chefs that call for beef chuck or rump roast cuts for a pot roast dish.

However, you can also use a cut of brisket meat with a layer of fat marbling on top if you want to jazz up your pot roast.

Expert tip: choose a marbled cut of brisket meat as it’s more succulent and juicier than a lean cut. You can make potato latkes and place them on top of the pot roast with apple sauce and sour cream.

4. Go Global

Apart from the local roast, you can choose roasts inspired from other parts of the world, such as Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Filipino, or Japanese-flavored roast.

For example, if you choose to make a Filipino pot roast, you can use a creamy mushroom sauce that people serve on special occasions. The smooth sauce adds a unique flavor and texture to the dish.

5. Enhance The Spice

Spices can add interest to your pot roast by introducing unique tones: a kick-of-heat to hint-of-sweetness and more.

Not just that, but the aroma they add to your roast is divine, tempting, and allows you to taste your creation through your nose before your mouth.  

Tip: add ancho chilies; they are rich and bold in flavor and contain a mild spice.

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