5 Tempting Ways To Use Chicken Stock

When someone says “chicken stock,” we immediately imagine a dish with a depth of flavor and nutritious goodness.

Whether you use homemade stock or buy it ready-made from the store, there are numerous ways to use vegetables and herbs with it to make some delicious recipes.

Here are five unique dishes you can make with chicken stock:

1. Make A Stew

If you want a warm and satisfying meal with chicken stock, then stew is a great choice. This dish will be ready in a little over an hour, giving a full flavor of meat that you can have with dumplings.

You can make the sauce with stock and use ingredients like onions, red or green peppers, olive oil, tomatoes, caraway seeds, and paprika. Let the dumplings simmer in the mixture for an hour and you’ll have a fantastic dish in your kitchen.

2. Soup

One of the most common ways to use chicken stock in a recipe is in a delicious soup. Not only does it add flavor and aroma to the liquid, but it also gives it a good texture.

All you have to do is boil the chicken stock with vegetables like ginger and carrot and mix it in  with stock and flour. As the soup thickens, let it simmer. You can even add beaten eggs and seasonings if you would like.

Whether it is a chicken noodle soup, hot and sour soup, or gazpacho, any recipe would be great with chicken stock.

3. Braise Meat

When you stew meat in a braising process be sure to use chicken stock as part of the mixture. It will give off intense flavor and elevate the taste of the dish.

If you braise chicken thighs for your meal you can add chicken stock to the meat after it has browned. Cook it on slow heat while it is covered, and add vegetables like garlic, onions and herbs.

4. Cook Rice

While you can cook rice and grains like quinoa, risotto and faro using water, substituting the water for chicken stock can enhance the flavor greatly. Since these grains absorb a high quantity of the cooking liquid, you can infuse great taste to them without adding any further seasoning or sauce.

Simmer the grains in stock and add butter or herbs like thyme, parsley, etc., for more flavor, and voila! You’ll have a great tasting dish in no time.

5. Pan Sauce

Sauces are essential for many recipes, and you can create a simple yet tasty one with basic ingredients you likely have in your home. This sauce would be great for steaks, seared vegetables, and chicken. You may not know that when added to your sauces, stock can play an essential part in unlocking some great flavor and texture.

Begin by using red wine or some other alcohol to deglaze the pan and reduce it. Then, reduce it again after pouring in the stock, and complete it by adding some butter or cream.


Chicken stock is a great ingredient to create some tasty dishes, whether it is soup or a sauce. You can simplify yet enhance your everyday meals with its addition.

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